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$ 218.00 HK

  1. With simulated creamy clay and super clay for decoration the plastic case as your unique storage case.
  2. Decoration your own mirror and comb can satisfy the girl who loves beauty.
  3. There are many components in the set. Like plastic plate with the different shape, you can decorate them as the gifts to your friends.
  4. Three Tips included in the set, you can make the different shape of Creamy Clay.                                                                                                                                                                               
  5. The set includes with tools, molds and accessories, making it easy to get started.

    Suitable for children over five years old

    Materials include:

     40g Creamy clay x 3
     18g Super clay x 5
     Plastic case x 1
     Mirror x 1
     Comb x 1
     20ml Glitter glue x 1
     Nozzles x 2 set
     Craft tools x 1
     Plastic card x 10
     Ball chain x 5
     Mould x 1
     Lens x 1
     Foam ball 1 pack
     Beads x 2 pack
     Brush x 1
     Accessories x 1 pack
     Elastic strings x 3
     Bead handling tool x 1
     Instruction sheet x 1



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