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Fun Capsule: Cream cake

$ 48.00 HK

The bright and colorful super clay color, combined with hand-eye coordination, exercises the muscles of the small hand, is equipped with a mold, and the accessories are more exquisite, easy to use, and makes its own simulation delicious desserts to meet the girl's fantasy style. The exquisite light clay cup adds protection to the work, which can better display the pendants, and is not afraid to damage and dirty the work.

Suitable for children over 3 years old

Materials include:

·Capsule x 1set
·5g Super clay x 4
·5ml Glittle glue x 1
·Blister mold x 1
·Sticker x 1
·Cake accessories x 1
·Blister cup x 1set
·Eyes x 1pcak 



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