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Motion Gear-Spinning Teacups

$ 148.00 HK

The combination of art and science engineering introduces advanced STEAM education concepts, simple and interesting/exquisite science/education through learning
1. DIY assembly to build a gear box, observe and understand the mechanical structure of gears and drive shafts
2. Rotate the gear by hand, observe the change in the direction of the forward and reverse rotation of the gear, produce the principle of revolution and rotation, produce different trajectories at the end, and understand the principle of basic mechanical motion
3. This design is inspired by the coffee cup in this playground. How to achieve this function? As the earth revolves around the sun's trajectory, the three small external gears walk along the trajectory of the large internal gear, driving the three small external gears to rotate, combined with the DIY handmade work of high-quality Caletao clay, shaking the gear box, the doll will dance according to the trajectory Get up, exciting and interesting! Excited!

Suitable for children over five years old

Materials include:
15g ultralight clay X 7 packs
5g ultralight clay X 4 packs
Runner X 1 set
Utility knife X 3
Flash glue X 1
Impression X 1
Flash sticker X 1
Umbrella cover X 1
Rotating cup X 3
Rotor cup inner support X 3
Rotating cup stickers X 3 sheets
Round double-sided stickers X 4
Transparent tube X 1
Brush X 1


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