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Clay partner, creative modeling, fun to play
1. Use imported raw materials to produce high-quality clay, so that children can have fun and use them at ease
2. It is safer to choose food coloring, the color is bright and rich, the baby's favorite color, and the baby learns to distinguish the color
3. The clay is extensible and elastic, knead, pinch and stretch, and change at will; playing with light mud can exercise children's fingers and cultivate children's concentration
4. The quality of ultra-light clay is several times lighter than ordinary plasticine, it is effortless to play, creative, you can make all kinds of cute animals
5. Matching simulation chocolate sauce and simulation cream clay, the gameplay is richer, making ice cream more realistic

Suitable for children over five years old

Materials include:
15g ultralight clay X 8 packs
5g ultralight clay X 6 packs
Decorating mouth X 1 set
Pigment X 2
Utility knife X 2
Brush X 1
Roller X 1
Impression X 2
Goblet X 1
Foam cone X 1
Cake cups X 2
Lotus Cup X 2


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