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$ 95.00 HK

    1. This set can make creative stationery with your imagination, like pencil case, pencil holder, etc.             2. Three Tips included in the set, you can make the different shape of Creamy Clay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      3. The set includes with tools, mold and accessories, making it easy to start.

    Suitable for children over five years old

    Materials include:

    • 40g Creamy clay x 1
    • 15g Super clay x 2
    • 5g Super clay x 3
    • Pencil case x 1
    • Pencil holder x 1
    • 5ml Glitter glue x 1
    • Nozzles x 1 set
    • Craft tools x 1
    • Plastic card x 10
    • Ball chain x 2
    • Mould x 1
    • Foam ball 1 pack
    • Beads x 2 pack
    • Accessories x 2
    • Elastic string x 1
    • Instruction sheet x 1



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